Myer Adams

Handcrafted Beds Lovingly Made in Yorkshire

Guaranteed Quality

Myer Adams (UK) Ltd is known as one of the fastest growing and recognised bed brands in the UK

As a family owned and operated company, they are  involved from design to manufacture to delivery. and they take great pride in each handcrafted bed.

High Quality Craftsmanship
Their aim is to provide the customer with the ultimate sleep experience. ” Start to Finish “. Quality products along with innovative design make it a absolute must have to have one of their products in your bedroom.

They use and resource as many Natural & Sustainable fillings using the most natural content available. Including latex, wool and horse hair to name a few.

100% effort is put into the craftsmanship of their beds and all their staff are qualified in traditional and modern bed making methods. Hand built using the finest products and fillings their aim is to provide a mattress that will give you lasting comfort + support for years.

And in pursuit of excellence and perfection they implement a strict quality control process from start to finish To make a masterpiece for your comfort and pleasure.