Generations of Engineering

Running along with the sales that we do in bespoke beds at teds beds, we have one of our team who is a senior craftsman in textile machinery with over 30 years experience in all kinds of machinery.

Decades of experience

Our specialist field service engineer has worked with one of the UK’s largest mattresses and beds manufacturing companies as well as undertaking fundamental work in the field across multiple countries providing installing and servicing. As well as a large input in designing fully automated production equipment and machinery for the mattress industry.

Rest Easy

Our exclusive partnership with Myer Adams results in great service they provide to us and top quality products and we are in turn able to offer Myer Adams a fully comprehensive breakdown cover and a preventative maintenance program, while constantly looking at ways to upgrade all machinery on-site.

So what does this mean for our customers ?

  1. You can ensure that every mattress that leaves Myer Adams has the equal quality standard as the one that left before it. e.g stitch size, proper thread tensions
  2. When compressing your mattress for tufting the correct air pressure will be set at a diagnosed pressure for each mattress giving continuity to give you the correct density for your comfort.
  3. All machinery used in the production process will be diagnosed before and after mattresses are sewn to ensure there are no underlying faults.
  4. Teds Beds will work in unison with our partners across the globe to keep up to date with mattress manufacturing processes. Ensuring, our customers receive the very best in crafting and workmanship.
  5. Most importantly, while we work with Myer Adams, we are able to offset our engineering costs to their prices to give you our lowest price promise.